CARI is an incorporated not-for-profit research institute that owns and operates Iroquois Farm, the Tilden Stage Bed & Breakfast, and The Country Garden Restaurant. All three are located on riverfront land on the St. Lawrence River between the border of New York State and Canada.

Iroquois Farm consists of 250 acres of prime farm land located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. The 25 acre section between the River and New York State Route # 37 is the site of all the farm buildings, including the Tilden Stage Inn and B&B, The Country Garden Restaurant, the main barn, the machine barn, two shops, a garden house, two 96 X 35 foot green houses and two residences.

This site is also the location of the garden while additional crop land, sugar bush and woodlot are located across the Highway. There are 12 fields with about 150 acres of crop land. Nearly 40 acres of the land have drainage tile installed. The farm has 80 acres of woodland, and intends to develop perimeter roads for the various horse drawn surreys, and coaches of the Institute, as well as for biking and waling.

The Purpose of CARI is to research the suitability of the crop land located along the U.S.–Canada border and the 45th latitude for a variety of vegetable, herb, forage and grain crops using traditional sustainable agricultural and organic methods of production.